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Mick's grandson Robert is facing surgery on his leg.

John (KE5MVC) recovering from Surgery. Thanks for prayers.

Sharon stage 4 Cancer Update: Now Cancer Free, God answers prayers!

David (W9CAO) Heart issues.

Susie (Wife of K5DLP Dave)  on chemo for cancer.

ROY-KG8A can use your prayers and his wife also.

Bo Renfro - lung cancer - Pray for him and his family

Fannie Glascox Mick's Mother in Law, Parkinson's Disease

Linda (Don's friend) stage 4 Cancer

Chris's (AJ4AJ) mother Kathy is doing better, thanks for prayers.

Lewis Pointer (Wimpy's friend) Car accident, in coma.

 Mose  VerBrugge   K9DHS  Heart Attack   Out of  ICU  Now

​Keith"s        Grandson   Christen McLeain   Needs  are  Prayers  

Johnson Baker (nephew of KF4MOM) in rehab for a year.

​​​N9OER   JIM  ----    Dons   W0DJK   cousin going  Blind  age  72

Jack's friends Mark and grand daughter Brook in car accident, critical.

​WA8DOG  Needs  Prayers  with his  Leg and  Foot

Charles' (BBQ) son Roy has heart issues.

Dale (ZL) son-in-law Dale had stroke, needs prayers.

NHK Carl had knee replaced.

Alyeson (James' friend) has cancer.

Brenda Smith has cancer and needs our prayers.

Dan (W8DMI) daughter Dawn has breast cancer.

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